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Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Survival

Type: First Person, VR

Game Platforms: Windows, Oculus Rift

Companion App Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Engine: Unity

Release Date: TBA

Story Synopsis:

In the future of 2021, the International Space Station Agency (ISSA) has developed the Apollo X rescue team. A team dedicated to save malfunctioned spaceships in space. One day, Alex and her team were sent to to retrieve a stranded spaceship near Mars. But during their mission, their spaceship crashed into something. Alex woke up tp find herself in an abandoned spaceship with no one else in sight. With only Max, her sibling, supervising her from the ISSA's headquarters, she needs to find her team and a way out. But the questions remain, Is she alone? What sort of surprises awaits her in the deep dark areas of the spaceship? How did she get there?

What Is This Game?

Apollo X is a Sci-Fi horror game that uses Virtual Reality, Biofeedback technology and a mobile phone. It is an adaptive type of game that changes according to the player's heart rate. The more scared the player is, the scarier and more difficult the game becomes. This allows the player to become more self aware of their emotions and try to stay calm.

The game features single player with an intriguing story line and creative gameplay. It also includes a multiplayer mode that allows a player on PC to cooperate with a player on mobile. The two players take the role of the two main characters and need to overcome the challenges brought before them using a unique way of cross-platform play.

VR and heart rate monitors are OPTIONAL. The game is fully playable without them.

Game Features:

  • Single Player: Play as Alex exploring the dark sinister spaceship, trying to find your missing members and a way out this nightmare. Experience the breathtaking story and dynamic challenges with experience enhancers such as VR and heart rate monitoring.

  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer: A unique gameplay that allows players to play with mobile users using a companion app. It also supports voice chat with a challenging twist. Mobile players must guide PC players out of the area by looking at the map they're provided and guiding them out while PC players must find items and solve puzzles to allow mobile players to help them escape, all while avoiding the dangers in the dark spaceship.

  • Heart Rate Monitor Integration: Capability to adapt to the player's heart rate by connecting to one of the supported heart rate monitors. The game will measure fear and occur real time changes in game like lights, sounds and environment. A different system is in mind for those that do not own a heart rate monitor so no one is left out from the full experience.

  • Virtual Reality: Supports Oculus Rift for a truly horrific immersive experience. Playable also without it.

  • Gender Selection: Ability to play the patragonist as a female or male.


  • Learning AI: Artificial Intelligence is not static, it learns from players behavior and adapts to it; making it smarter and more dynamic as you play.

  • More Features: There are more to come!


Through the years Apollo X has earned multiple awards that include:


  • 1st Place Winner at Microsoft Imagine Cup Bahrain 2015 (Games category)

  • Bahrain Polytechnic's Project of the Year 2015 (Programming)

  • 1st Place Winner at Microsoft Imagine Cup Bahrain 2016 (Games category)

  • 1st Place Winner at Microsoft Imagine Cup Pan-Arab 2016 (Games category)

  • Finalist at Microsoft Imagine Cup World Wide 2016 (Games category)​

Inside Room with UI On
Corridor with UI On
Bloodied Horror Door
Starting Area
Light Corridor
Exit Gate
Apollo X NV
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