Experience a new type of horror where your own fear is used against you.

Step into the spacesuit of Alex from the Apollo X rescue team and explore the nightmares that lie within the mysteriously abandoned spaceship.

Find the truth and try to escape.

About Us

Regnum Studio is an indie game development studio based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We are a team of dreamers and builders. We create 'Realms' filled with intriguing stories, alluring music, imaginative art and creative gameplay.

We officially established ourselves in 2018 but have been creating games for years before. We are proud to have won multiple awards through our talented team and exciting games and are looking forward to create newer and more exciting experiences for the world to delve into in the coming years.

Welcome to our Realm. Welcome to Regnum.


Our Services



We develop projects from the ground up.

From initial concept to a final release and even future updates. Whether you'd like us to use your own IP or create a new one, 2D or 3D, on mobile or PC or VR/AR, we are ready to provide the talent and resources to create that ultimate experience you have been dreaming about. Build your own Realm with us.


We will unlock your game's potential in the Arabic market.

We will do more than just translate your game, we will deliver the same experience you worked hard to make with all the elements, culture and beauty that makes it attractive to the Arabic gamer. Let's help your game reach a completely new market.



We will be the team you need.

Time is of the essence when making games and on large projects you may sometimes need some work to be handed to someone else to do while your team focuses on the important pieces. We will listen to you and extend to you our pool of talents and resources, so you can worry less knowing that your project is in good hands. Let's complete the vision for your game within the time you originally planned. 


We will turn your system to a playful and productive game.

Adding game elements and rewards encourages your employees to work harder and your customers to become loyal. We will work with your engineers to make it fun and addicting to bring you money and to keep your customers coming back for more.


Our Team



Founder & Game Developer

"Addicted gamer with a passion to make his own crazy game ideas come to life."



Founder & Business Developer

"Marketing prodigy and a current eSports Community & Marketing Manager. Not afraid to take up a challenge and excel in it."



AI Expert & Mentor

"Artificial Intelligence genius and guiding star of this studio."

There are many other people that work us with including artists, musicians, video editors and more.

If you think you would like to work with us in our next project then be sure give us a holler!

We are always looking for great talent for join our upcoming projects.


Our Games

Lost without her team in a mysteriously abandoned spaceship, Alex discovers a never yet seen nightmare. Her only hope is her own sister on Earth, Max. They need to work together to find an escape.

Experience a new type of horror that adapts to a vital part of your own body.

Your Heart.


In the future of 2030, the world is instilled with pollution as an Evil Mastermind wrecks havoc by causing Robots to use bad energy.

It is up to you, "Energy Hero" to save the world by using your energy powers to absorb and clean the energy for a better tomorrow!


Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)




Bahrain Petroleum Company


Contact Us

Want to report a bug? Ask us to build your dream project? Or perhaps work together on something? Let us know!

We're always open for new opportunities.

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Unity Devs Syndicate

A Unity Engine focused game development community based in Bahrain. This community was founded and is being managed by us.


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